Flexitime Policy


Flexi-time Policy
1.1 All PCC employees may work flexible office hours depending on the needs of the role.
1.2 Flexi-time is helpful when needing time off for occasional medical and other appointments.
1.3 Flexi­time differs from Flexible Working, which is the statutory arrangement for parents and carers.

  1. Working Arrangements
    2.1 Standard working hours will be: 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday with an hour for lunch for full-time employees.
    2.2 Core working hours when full-time employees must be in their role (unless otherwise authorised by their line manager) are: 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm and a minimum of half an hour MUST be taken for lunch (without exception).
    2.3 Core working hours for part-time employees must be agreed in advance with the line-manager and must be appropriate to the needs of the role.
    2.3 Employees can accumulate flexitime. A maximum of 14 additional hours may be worked over a four-week period – those who find that from time to time they may be accruing more than this should have discussions with their line manager so that work can be reviewed. Where employees are likely to be in deficit this must be agreed with the line manager.
    2.5 Employees need to keep a weekly record of their hours worked and these should be agreed and signed off by the line manager on a monthly basis.
    2.6 Where employees wish to book off some flexitime leave this must be agreed in advance with the line manager. Managers have the right not to agree to a request but to postpone/defer it based on reasonable office needs. In these cases alternatives dates will be discussed.
    2.7 Flexi­time may not be abused. Managers will ensure that flexitime is taken appropriately and not stored up. Ideally all flexitime will be taken during the following month.

Flexible Working Policy

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Employees have the right to request formal flexible working arrangements: in respect of their child care responsibilities for any child under six years old (or disabled child up to 18 years old), or in respect of their adult/dependent caring responsibilities.
    1.2 Flexible working may be a permanent change to an individual’s contractual arrangements.
    1.4 Flexible working should not be confused with Flexitime (see Flexitime Policy which is more about time off in lieu of additional hours or other flexible day to day working where staff work their contractual hours on a flexible working week/month basis).
  2. Qualifying Criteria
    2.1 An employee must have 26 weeks service and be either the parent (including foster or adopted) or legal guardian of a child, or the partner/spouse with responsibility for the child’s upbringing.
    2.2 An employee must have 26 weeks service and be able to show that they carry significant caring responsibilities for another person (whether or not that person is a family member or not).
  3. Flexible Working Request Arrangements
    3.1 The employee should write formally to the Chair of the PCC, unless delegated elsewhere, detailing: the date of the application and details of any previous application; a statement that the request is being made under the statutory right to request a flexible working arrangement; confirmation for whom the request is being made (eg child or dependent details); the nature of the flexible pattern requested and when the new arrangement is to start; an explanation of any effect that they think the proposed change will have on the PCC/their team or department and suggestions as to how these may be dealt with/mitigated.
    3.2 The Chair of the PCC, unless delegated elsewhere, will consult with the individual and their line manager and must reply within 28 days to the employee either agreeing the request, or holding a meeting to discuss it further and give a written decision within 14 days of a meeting taking place.
    3.3 Where the request is agreed and forms a permanent change to an individual’s current contractual arrangements, the Chair of the PCC, unless delegated elsewhere, will issue a change to contract letter, and any updated job description required under the new arrangements to be agreed, signed and dated.

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